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Exploring the intersection of science, health, and cannabis.

Connect with industry leaders in Seattle on August 16th, 2017.

Where science, health, and the cannabis industry meet.

Date: August 16, 2017
Time: 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Location: Axis Pioneer Square (308 1st Avenue South)

RightSciences & SIVApatch present Intersection Seattle- a networking event featuring lightning talks and a panel of speakers discussing the cannabis industry, and how science plays a critical part in achieving our common goal of health and wellness.

Enjoy delightfully crafted appetizers and beverages as we explore the evolution of cannabis research to develop trusted products that make your body feel good! We’ll talk pain relief, interaction with prescription medication, sexual health, the rise of women leading the industry, and much more.

You’ll take home a gift bag stuffed with new products in the cannabis/wellness market.

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RightSciences is a collective of scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs who share a data and science driven approach to wellness. We proudly engineer patches out of plants, creating proprietary formulas that blend the best of science and chemistry.

The SIVApatch is a topical patch made from all-natural hemp, formulated for wellness and relief.

Our discreet and safe time-release patches activate quickly, and last for hours. SIVApatch integrates seamlessly into health and wellness routines, helping active and mature consumers experience the freedom to live the life they want.

Event Panel

More panelists to be announced closer to the event.


Cofounder, American Cannabinoid Clinics (PANELIST)

Dr. Rachel is a co-founder of The American Cannabinoid Clinics and TheCannaMDs, resident medical expert for ABBI, the first cannabis medicine chatbot, and is the current Medical Chair of the Minority Cannabis Business Association. She received her medical and business degrees from Tufts university after completing her undergraduate studies at Duke. She trained in Family and Integrative medicine before pursuing additional study in the areas of Functional, Cannabinoid and Cannabis Medicine, and is a current member of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. Along with her teammates at The American Cannabinoid Clinics, Dr. Rachel believes in an integrative approach to delivering medical cannabis care that is rooted in evidence-based Lifestyle and Functional Medicine.  


Cofounder, American Cannabinoid Clinics (PANELIST)

Dr. Janice Marie Vaughn Knox has more than 35 years in the practice of medicine. She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Washington School of Medicine. She is a wife, mother, best selling author and Board Certified Anesthesiologist. Over her years in the operating room, Dr. Janice witnessed the increased use of life threatening pain medications and unnecessary medical interventions that yield low success rates while patients continued to get sicker. This awareness motivated Dr. Janice to become an expert in cannabis and the fields Cannabis Therapeutics and Endocannabinology.




As visionary leader and CEO of Eden Labs, AC Braddock seamlessly blends the courage of an industry trailblazer with the heart of an activist. Her intense interest in botanicals and humane business practices has made her an authority in the industry combining exceptional understanding of extraction practices and technologies with strident defense of cannabis patients, consumer safety and environmental stewardship. Eden Labs has also been recognized as one of the top 10 fastest growing women led companies in Seattle, Washington. AC is a board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), NCIA’s Federal Policy Board, The Cannabis Alliance, and Pacific Century Holdings. She is also a founding supporter of cannabis women’s groups WOW (Women of Weed), Cannabis Women’s Alliance, and Women Grow.


Founder, Van der Pop (PANELIST)

April Pride’s education, career and pursuits have always focused on design. Requisite bio: University of Virginia Architecture School; stint at top San Francisco interiors firm; and graduate school at Parsons where an obsession with textiles became an academic pursuit. The historical motifs she studied at Parsons influenced her first product-focused company, which Pride sold four years after launch. This same year Pride introduced her eponymous fashion label and its signature piece THE DRESS. A client in the cannabis space approached her to develop a “luxury cannabis lifestyle” brand. Van der Pop launched in January 2016 and was sold a year later to the parent company of Toronto-based Tokyo Smoke. Now Chief Creative Officer overseeing both brands she finds herself working hard to remind everyone that it’s okay to have a lot of fun.


Founder, Aunt Zelda’s, Calla Spring Wellness, and Zelda Therapeutics (PANELIST)

Mara specializes in the development of treatment protocols utilizing Bio Pharmaceutical grade cannabis extracts for seriously ill patients in California. She co-founded Aunt Zelda’s, Calla Spring Wellness, and Zelda Therapeutics in order to provide real outcomes for patients with serious diseases.

Prior to Aunt Zelda’s, Mara worked as a process engineer, helping Fortune 500 companies create intelligent software by utilizing the Rational Unified Process. This experience has enabled her to take a detailed and scientific approach to utilizing cannabis as a Biopharmaceutical-grade treatment.

Gordon sits on the boards of Zelda Therapeutics, Daya Foundation, Leaf of Life International Holdings, and Hmbldt. She has presented at multiple CME-accredited medical conferences, delivered 3.5 hour courses along with Drs. Cristina Sanchez, Manuel Guzman, Donald Abrams, and Joe D. Goldstrich, andspoken at medical cannabis conferences in Australia, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Israel, as well as numerous events throughout the USA and worldwide. Her work is featured in the upcoming documentaries, “Weed the People”, “Mary Janes: Women of Weed”, and in Joe Dolce’s book, “Brave New Weed”.



Jessica Tonani is the CEO of Verda Bio; a marijuana research company which she co-founded. Verda Bio is performing genomic, analytical and agricultural research on cannabis and cannabinoid based therapeutics. Over the last 3 years, Vera Bio has worked with the Washington legislature to implement new laws enabling research on marijuana; most recently leading to the passage of SB6177.

Jessica is a biotechnology professional with two decades of experience in life sciences at firms such as Affymetrix and Sequenom where she held multiple positions. Jessica is an entrepreneur having founded multiple companies including a successful consulting company which is regularly retained by venture capital firms, Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and life science firms, as well as venture backed biotechnology companies.

Jessica has been widely quoted as an expert in the biotechnology field in journals such as Nature, Science, Popular Science and Genome Technologies. Jessica was a Howard Hughes fellow with an MS in immunology and a BS in microbiology.


CEO, RightSciences (PANELIST)

Sarah is the founder and CEO of RightSciences, a US biotech firm that engineers plant-based wellness products for consumers. Sarah works for innovation + technology + women in all industries, and runs an organization for accelerating and mentoring female leaders and CEOs.

Prior to her current entrepreneurial endeavors, Sarah held senior leadership roles at Microsoft and Zynga, where she focused on global information security strategies, data science as a social science, and community building.



Whitney Greer is the writer, producer, and host of the soon-to-be-released podcast To Put It Bluntly — where the cannacurious explore what’s new and hear straight talk on topics like parenting, sex, pets, and pain management. Throughout her career, Whitney’s worked with breakthrough companies like Apple and start-ups like Planet Labs and Mythic AI to create information on-ramps into new technologies. In the evolving cannabis industry, her goal is to make the world more navigable and entertaining for anyone who wants to venture in.


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